The Anthem of the Adventurer

16 Adventures in Scheming and Entrepreneurship with Douglas Costello

Episode Notes

Today on the show we welcome another fellow woodworker and gamer that I met last year at GenCon and I’ve been looking forward to reconnecting with him for a while. We’ve got Douglas Costello, the co-founder and CEO of Wyrmwood! He’s been creating expertly crafted wooden gaming accessories for Wyrmwood for four years after founding the company to scratch his own itch, and with a healthy dose of desperation! He brings that spirit of adventure and exploration into every aspect of his business. Today we’ll talk about the adventure of starting a business when you’re looking for a way to make an impact on the world, exploring the world around you in interesting ways, and of course… woodworking!

Wyrmwood is doing some amazing things in the next few weeks, so follow along with all that at! They have an awesome partnership with Homestarrunner, which got 18 year old Dan just a weeee bit excited this week… Yup, they created a wooden upgraded version of Homestarrunner’s Trogdor board game on Kickstarter. No, this is not a joke. It is awesome. Go burninate the countryside with a big beefy arm and some consummate Vs! They’re also coming to GenCon again this year, which is the largest tabletop board game convention in the world in Indianapolis on August 2-5. You can see Wyrmwood in the vendor hall, and you’ll see me wandering around on Friday August 3rd! Come say hi to Douglas and the team and marvel at their beautiful work! You can also find another previous podcast guest and woodworker, Dogmight Games as well as a few hundred other amazing companies. Hope to see you there!

You can find all the great things Douglas and the Wyrmwood team are up to here:

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