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29: A Life of Success and Significance w/ Aaron Walker

Episode Summary

Today we talk about how to have a life of success and significance with my good friend, Aaron Walker!

Episode Notes

Today on the show we have Aaron Walker, or Big A as his friends call him! Big A has been a great influence on my life and the lives of thousands of other men who are looking to live a life of success and significance. Aaron has been doing just that for over 38 years in various business ventures while working under amazing mentors like Dave Ramsey and walking alongside the members of his various mastermind groups that he has been a part of and led for decades. He has written a really great book called, “The View From the Top” that I highly recommend about just how to live the life you are meant to and he also runs the Iron Sharpens Iron mastermind community to help keep people accountable to the big goals they set for themselves in life and to live that life of significant impact. Get ready for the adventure of a life lived to the full, with my good friend Aaron Walker.

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