The Anthem of the Adventurer

34: Adventures that don't cost anything w/ Josh Spodek

Episode Summary

Today, we talk with Josh Spodek, who lives a life full of adventure while teaching at NYU. He's got some amazing ideas on how to incorporate adventure into your life without spending any money at all!

Episode Notes

I really enjoyed talking with Josh, and his personal statement on his blog just shows him best:
"I do what I love in life and do my best to cut out what I don’t. Loving what you do means you will do more than if you don’t, so I’ve accomplished a few things to high levels while enjoying the process.

I’ve also made my life easy and fun. I think anyone can. In fact I think making life easy and fun is easy and fun, like me swimming across the Hudson River with a friend for fun in the picture on this site’s main page. This site shares how I do it so you love what you do while accomplishing more than you thought you could too.

Your values and mine differ so you’ll want to do different things than I, but if the magnitude of my successes is something you want while living an easy, fun life loving what you do, read my blog. If you love what you do and live with that passion, I’d love to meet you. Please contact me.

My mission is to help people live by their values, especially their environmental values, creating and finding joy, meaning, value, importance, purpose, passion, and other emotional reward in the process."

Topics from today's show:
Adventures that don’t cost anything!
Cold showers (2:00)
Swimming across the Hudson River (11:17)
Lots of burpees (14:00)
Stoic philosophy (33:50)
Living in accordance with your core values (32:38, 41:57)
Josh’s new book, “Initiative” (25:38)
Producing the minimum waste possible (57:35)